Young designers are finding very different ways to a job, fame and glory.

My way is based on a German tradition, where craftsmen were supposed to travel around and learn different kinds of work. I was jealous and also wanted to travel around like this – so I adapted a few things and now, as a designer, I am on a Design Walz.

I want to show that it is beneficial for everyone involved when young designers start their worklife by traveling around and learning from different people how they work and what life in their city looks like.

I will provide at least 30 hours a week working with you on your projects.

I will document the time at your agency and perhaps make a small portrait of your company/office.

In return I ask for shelter, food , public transport
and sometimes a drink.*
*If you cannot offer it directly, we can talk about a compensation.

I want to learn how you work and get to know your office and the city.

My Rules for the Design Walz

1 - Don't stay longer than 8 weeks!

2 - Work at least 30 hours a week at your hoster.

3 - Don't work closer than 30km to your hometown.

4 - Reduce your luggage to the necessities.

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